TopTipEDI’s mission

Our mission is to recommend a list of places to visit, eat, drink, listen to music, view art etc where visitors to Edinburgh will receive good value.

Edinburgh is a fantastic destination, boasting architecture, culture and cuisine to rival that of any other world city. Just as with many other world cities, the volumes of visitors make an attractive target for businesses.

Most of these businesses are on various review websites and many have what appear to be fake reviews.

Our mission is to build an incorruptible list of businesses in Edinburgh where visitors will be looked after every bit as well and honestly as locals.

By having a board of people who must unanimously agree in a business making the list, we eliminate the risk of fake reviews clouding our recommendations.

Furthermore, no business will ever be able to buy a listing on TopTipEDI. Being listed will always be entirely based on merit of offering value to customers.

Introducing TopTipEDI’s board of selection

Our board currently consists of 4 people from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life, we feel this is important to give a balanced selection.

None of our board is allowed to have any business of theirs listed on TopTipEDI.

Our board have been selected due to their appreciation of quality, value and most importantly their personal ethical outlook.

Every business requires the unanimous agreement of the board to earn a listing.

Andrew Burnett – Strategic Marketing Consultant

Andrew has lived in Edinburgh for 18 years and in that time has hosted many friends and family from Switzerland. He has an eye for detail and a taste for quality.

Jen Ang – Human Rights Lawyer

Originally from America, Jen has lived in Edinburgh for 10 years during which time she has also played host to many friends and family from America, China and beyond.

Wiebke Burnett – Self Employed

Wiebke hails from Germany, has lived in Edinburgh for 12 years and has entertained many people from all over the world.

Martin Harrod – Retired Banker

Martin has lived in Edinburgh for over 30 years. He is currently an Airbnb host who likes to meet his guests and help them to go to high quality places where they will get the best possible experience of visiting Edinburgh.