Captain’s Bar

Captain's Bar is a live Scottish music bar on South College Street.

Why Captain’s Bar?

A very small bar, within which there is barely space for maybe up to 100 people, Captain’s Bar features Scottish live music, 7 nights a week. And because of its small size and its popularity, it is busy every night. Beer, whisky, other spirits, wine and soft drinks are served. Food is not available - it is all about the music.

At the end of the bar there are a collection of musicians sitting around a table with predominantly Scottish instruments, who play a variety of Scottish music from folk to acoustic, playing jigs and reels, to contemporary tunes.

Although it is folk music, even people who don’t generally enjoy this genre have been known to really enjoy the Captain's Bar. It is a hidden gem, which many locals have yet to discover.
The bar has got very fair prices and very friendly staff.

A good selection of draught beers such a Duchars, and single malt whiskies as well as other spirits, wine and soft drinks are to choose from.

The interior of the traditional pub is simple with no big frills. The atmosphere is very casual and cosy. There is very limited seating available so it may be a good idea to arrive early to increase a chance of getting a seat. It’s the kind of bar where you arrive not knowing anybody and come out with 5 new friends, possibly in part because you are stood so close to each other. Yes, it does get very crowded.

The music is all unamplified. As part of the etiquette, to allow a single singer to come through, visitors should lower their voice or fall silent during a solo piece. Opening hours are from 2pm every day (Sat from 1pm) until 1am every night. Free wifi is available. Licensing laws don’t allow under 18’s to enter.

Captain’s Bar is a brilliant place to spend a fun, relaxed evening in amongst other music lovers. It is centrally located in the heart of Edinburgh, just a few minutes walk away from the Grassmarket and the Royal Mile. The bar has been the highlight of many people visiting Edinburgh from all over the world, as well as being somewhere that locals enjoy - it thoroughly deserves to be a Top Tip.

Where is Captain’s Bar?

4 South College Street

On South College Street, the live Scottish music venue Captain's Bar is a hiding in plain sight.

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