Cavanagh The Antique Shoppe

Cavanagh The Antique Shoppe is an antique shop on Cockburn Street.

Why Cavanagh The Antique Shoppe?

The small family owned shop has the most wonderful collection of all things old and curious. From jewellery to typewriters and photographs to military helmets, a miraculous amount of items are stocked within this restricted space.

Wonderful pieces of jewellery, such as gold and silver brooches, rings, necklaces, bracelets and bangles, pearls, and pendants are displayed in the shop window and give an idea of the vast range of antique pieces Cavanagh have collected over the years. Inside, there is even more choice, and the helpful and friendly owners are at hand to advise.

Gold and silver items, precious and semi-precious stones, there is something for many budgets. Further to this, vintage pins, eye-catching signs, suitcases, glasswares, china, photographs, maps, and framed pictures can be discovered.

For collectors of militaria, Cavanagh have caps and helmets, old flags and medals, to name just a few. Coins from different eras from around the world are available plentiful, too.

There is not a lot of space to move in the cosy shop, which makes it unsuitable for a bigger group. It really is a place to browse on one’s own or with only a couple of people. All this is part of its special charm.

If visitors are after something specific and it doesn’t seem to be stocked, the highly knowledgeable and friendly owners might just be able to source it. They are chatty and helpful, and you can expect their honest advice.

Prices naturally vary depending on value and rarity, but some bargains can be found. At the very least, there are old postcards available for just 50p, and costume jewellery for a few pounds. At the other end of the scale, one might find their diamond engagement ring here.

The wee shoppe on Cockburn Street has been around for long - it is impossible to imagine the beautiful street without it. Cavanagh is a great place to find unique antique souvenirs. Its location is ideal when coming from a stroll on the Royal Mile.

Where is Cavanagh The Antique Shoppe?

49 Cockburn Street

Cavanagh the antique shop front on Edinburgh's Cockburn Street.

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