Mosque Kitchen

Mosque Kitchen is a canteen-style curry restaurant on Nicolson Square.

Why Mosque Kitchen?

Looking out onto Nicolson Square Gardens and the busy Nicolson Street is the Mosque Kitchen. A central Edinburgh institution which is known and loved by many hungry locals who appreciate it for its no frills food and the big portions, they serve a range of vegetable, chicken, and lamb curries, as well as sheek kebab, among a few others classics.

It is possible to choose several curries on one plate with rice, which is our Top Tip particularly for the veggie ones. 2 vegetable curries with rice cost a very reasonable £5.50 (3 cost £6.50). The sag aloo is highly recommended. Chicken tikka masala (£7.00) is a favourite dish, and it is a bit spicier than the chicken curry, which may be a good children’s option. If in any doubt it is a good idea, to ask staff which curries are milder or on the spicier side. The naan costs just £1 (garlic £1.50), samosas are 80p. Naturally, the food served is halal.

The first step to ordering is by getting cutlery and queuing up at the buffet-style counter, where all the hot food is on display. This is a good opportunity to check out the options. Here, staff quickly serve plates according to wishes. The till is at the end of this line, and then guests can choose where they want to sit and eat.

There is no table service for food - guests pick their preferred spot, as you would in a canteen. Mosque Kitchen can be quite a social place when it’s busy as the many long rows of tables are shared with other diners. If, by miracle, there is still space in the pudding stomach after the main meal, a selection of desserts like ice cream, cakes, and other pastries like baclava is available. Hot drinks options include coffees and teas, and there is a good selection of various soft drinks.

The interior is basic, and there are big windows letting in a lot of light. The food is good and honest, and not fancy. The portions are substantial, leaving no one hungry. There is no alcohol served or to be taken in. Certainly a family friendly, relaxed place, and one to casually sit over lunch or dinner with a small group of friends.

Despite its name, there is no apparent religious element in the Mosque Kitchen and everybody is welcome. Open from 11:30am until 10pm, the Mosque Kitchen can seat up to 180 people. Those exploring central Edinburgh on a budget or simply appreciating simple, tasty honest Indian food with great value for money should put this place on their to-visit list.

Where is Mosque Kitchen?

31-33 Nicolson Square

A no-frills canteen-style curry restaurant, the Mosque Kitchen on Nicholson Square is open to the public.

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