Royal Mile Whiskies

Royal Mile Whiskies is a specialist whisky shop on the High Street, which forms part of the Royal Mile. An impressive range of whiskies, gins, other spirits and beers with a focus on Scottish origin offer a great, truly hand selected choice to patrons.

Why Royal Mile Whiskies?

Royal Mile whiskies, who have been in this location since 1991, have a fantastic range of whiskies, hundreds of them, but they admit they give up counting as the numbers on the shelves fluctuate often due to supply and demand. Among those present are single casks, small batches, grain, blends, and exclusive limited editions.

The name Royal Mile Whiskies may invoke an air of grandeur, but nothing could be further from the truth - they are very welcoming and warm. Additionally, the staff at Royal Mile Whiskies are among the most knowledgeable of whisky shops in Edinburgh. A genuine love for their job can be felt, and a passion to help novices and connaisseurs find “their” whisky or spirit of choice.

Regular tastings occur within the relatively little rustic store opposite St Giles Cathedral. Every budget is catered for, and the pricing is very fair - the same prices in-store as online - and they are competitive prices too. Whilst also stocking brands that are available in supermarkets, the range goes up to extremely rare whiskies kept behind the till and in a glass vitrine. This is understandable, given that some of the most expensive ones can easily have a four-figure price tag. The eclectic, changing selection make Royal Mile Whiskies very popular with collectors from all over the world.

As well as the huge amount of scotch and international whiskies, the booming gin (many also being distilled in Scotland) with a selection of around 100 is another reason to call. These can be complemented with some of the tonics in stock. If that is not for you, the shelves of rum, vodka, and other spirits add more variety.

For a smaller budget and a different palate, the solid selection of around 100 fine ales and beers is at hand. These have been enjoying huge popularity in recent years. A small shelf of champagnes, proseccos and wine is also very much in demand with tourists looking for a drop to drink in their rented accommodation. To round it up, there are miniature bottles, nosing glasses, fudge, whisky and cocktail books available.

There are many options to buy whisky in Edinburgh, but Royal Mile Whiskies is one of only a few we’d recommend. Right in the heart of the Old Town, the staff in this gem of a shop do know their stuff, and their pricing is competitive and fair.

Where is Royal Mile Whiskies?

379 High Street

Fairly priced whisky and great advice at Royal Mile Whiskies.

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