The Milkman

The Milkman is a speciality coffee shop on Cockburn Street. Besides coffee they offer a range of teas, hot chocolate, cold drinks, pastries and baked goodies.

Why The Milkman?

The Milkman offers exceptional coffee, and great baked treats from croissants to vegan and gluten free bakes. Loved by locals and visitors to Edinburgh alike, the Milkman has focussed on coffee perfection since the day it first opened. You could say they are obsessive about it, a glance behind the counter will show the baristas weighing each espresso shot prior to tamping and extracting the coffee, if it’s not exactly right they get it right before the extraction.

The Milkman is also not tied to one roaster, far from it, regulars often find they’re trying new beans for their filter offering as well as their espresso based coffees.

Located at the bottom of the historic and iconic Cockburn Street, the Milkman is a quirky wee space which oozes rustic and authentic charm. It is perhaps Edinburgh’s most cosy coffeeshop, though this does mean that there are not always seats available.

The quality which the Milkman offers is exceptional and their prices are fair. It is not a place for a cheap coffee, but it is the place for a brilliant one.

Where is The Milkman?

7 Cockburn Street

The shop front of The Milkman
A keep cup being filled with soy milk latte
The Milkman caters for Vegans and those who're gluten intolerant too.

Photo credit: Matt Hallala

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