The National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland is a museum located on Chambers Street.

Why The National Museum of Scotland?

One of the most beautiful and most visited museums in Britain, loved by adults and children alike, the National Museum of Scotland displays treasures from such variety of fields that everyone can find something of interest for them. From Scotland’s history and archeology, to technology, science, world culture, art and design, and the natural world and more - the range spans wide.

Once entered at the ground floor level, one can start strolling around the galleries upstairs, or first study the map which is available for free at the entrance in many different languages to look for particular areas of interest and explore these.

The Scottish galleries cover Scotland’s beginnings through the centuries to legends of Scottish history such as William Wallace and Mary, Queen of Scots, through to medieval times, and industrial Scotland up until the present day.

Others might find more enthusiasm for Art, Design and Fashion galleries displaying centuries of creative work, or World Cultures covering exhibits from faraway lands. Changing exhibitions and updated displays keep the museum attractive even for the most regular visitors.

Always a huge success with children is the Animal World on level 1. Not simply stuffed animals, but the stunning gallery is sprinkled with interesting facts and interactive exhibits for everyone. The Explore gallery is appealing to young and old technology and science geeks, with many interactive games to play, robots to use, hot air balloons to fly, and even a race car to drive.

There are various playful areas for children of different ages, such as the Imagine gallery for smaller kids, or Adventure Planet on level 2 where they can pretend to excavate dinosaur bones and get dressed up. As these are on various levels and scattered around, this helps children stay engaged throughout the visit. If a break is needed, the Balcony Café on the first floor overlooking the stunning Grand Gallery with its cast iron structure lends itself to a break. It offers decent coffees and teas, cakes, snacks, sandwiches, soup, and snack bags for children.

A trip worth making is going up to the roof terrace. From here, it allows one of the most spectacular views over Edinburgh. The perfect photo opportunity.

It is impossible to see the whole museum in a day because of its vast size and the number of exhibits, so it is worth a repeat visit. It can be particularly busy on rainy days, but never unbearably so. Admission is, amazingly, free, but donations are always appreciated.

The Museum has a cloakroom downstairs, public toilets, free public wifi. The Museum is fully accessible for wheelchair users. Free guided tours covering changing topics are available daily. There are gift shops near the entrances and upstairs, with toys and soft toys, games, gems, jewellery, books and more. Opening hours are from 10am until 5:00pm.

It is easy to see why the National Museum of Scotland enjoys such popularity with young and old. There is something to see, to excite, and to be learned by everyone. The Museum on Chambers Street is ideally located in the Old Town with many bus connections nearby and within walking distance from the Grassmarket.

Where is The National Museum of Scotland?

5 Chambers Street

One of Britain's most loved museums is the National Museum of Scotland on Chambers Street.

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