Oink is a small and busy eatery on Victoria Street specialised in hog roasts.

Why Oink?

A culinary attraction in its location since 2008, Oink have supplied thousands and thousands of people with their tasty hog rolls. All reared on the owner’s farm in the Scottish Borders, the pigs are roasted every day, carved, and displayed in the window, which makes for a spectacular photo opportunity and whets the appetite of passersby.

Pulled pork sandwiches, as some would call them, or locally ‘hog rolls’, are all filled fresh upon ordering. The hungry visitor chooses a size of serving from Piglet (£3.10/80g) to Oink, or Grunter (£5.30/250g), white or brown bread roll, and either sage and onion, or haggis stuffing. This is topped off with a sauce of choice - the classic one is apple sauce.

Pulled pork can also be taken away in a box without its roll, which is great for special diets. 250g cost £5.30. A meal combo is also available for £6 including a hog roll, crisps and a drink.
A refreshing drink is advisable as the crackling can be quite salty. Hot as well as soft drinks are available.

The rolls can be eaten inside at one of only a few bar stools, or taken away and eaten on the go, or in the picturesque Grassmarket, which is just a minute’s walk away. Pricing is fair for the fresh quality, taste and location.

Opening hours are Monday to Sunday from 11am until 5pm. But a word of warning to avoid disappointment: on busy days it is advisable to get to Oink by the early afternoon, because once the roast has been served, there will be nothing until the next day and therefore doors may close early. Oink has been in its historic location on Victoria Street for over 10 years now, and is certainly not a flash in the pan, but has enjoyed constant popularity with visitors and locals, young and old, over all this time.

Where is Oink?

34 Victoria Street

Oink on Victoria Street make hog roasts.

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