The Baked Potato Shop

The Baked Potato Shop is, as the name suggests, a shop which sells baked potatoes. Everything they sell is vegetarian or vegan, including some sweet treats, too.

Why The Baked Potato Shop?

The shop is a landmark on Cockburn Street, it has been here since the mid 1980s and has since been a firm favourite amongst tourists and locals alike. The portions are huge and very reasonably priced. A medium potato with filling at lunchtime might cause a sleepy afternoon - we've never yet even tried to eat a large one.

Fillings on offer may differ slightly from day to day, and the choice of exclusively vegetarian or vegan options can be overwhelming, but take your time to find your favourites. The vegetarian haggis, avocado salad, spinach salad, coleslaw, and spicy homemade hummus are some of the highlights.

For a smaller appetite the options include filled rolls, salads, veggie sausage rolls, pakoras and samosas. A selection of cakes, shortbread and flapjacks is also available.

Located just off the Royal Mile at the top of Cockburn Street, the Baked Potato Shop is perfectly located for a healthy, yet filling meal while out sightseeing. There are only 4 seats available in the shop (or 6, if you’re really good friends), but many opt for a take out and enjoy their tattie in the Scottish sunshine. Open from 11am until after 7pm, the wee shop is popular with locals living and working nearby, and tourists exploring Edinburgh's Old Town. As with many businesses in Edinburgh, opening hours may be extended during peak time in August.

Where is The Baked Potato Shop?

56 Cockburn Street

The outside of the Baked Potato Shop
The Baked Potato Shop's only table
Potatoes go into the oven in the Baked Potato Shop
Vegetarian and vegan fillings for potatoes on the menu

Photo credit: Matt Hallala

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